A Recommendation to Remove the Definition of “Hate Speech” from the Amended Cyber Crimes Law


In the session held by the ESC discussing the Amended Cyber Crimes Law, participants equally emphasized the importance of removing the definition of “Hate Speech” from the content of the law, for several reasons such as its vagueness and lack of specificity.

 Participants also emphasized that any amendments to the law should not lead to restrictions on the freedom of expression, yet it should aim to regulate conduct on electronic platforms to protect people from the misuse and misconduct on social media platforms, identity theft cases, and any form of harassment or abuse that may occur on these platforms.

 Participants requested the amendment of Act no 11 and the others including punishment provisions; such that punishments are better suited and more appropriate for the act entailed in order to serve its purpose in deterring the occurrence of electronic crimes, especially, sexual crimes, electronic fraud, and foreign cyber hacking and security breaches on the Jordanian state and society.

 The discussion also provoked the question of whether a law for electronic crimes is even needed, since there are existing laws that serve the purpose it aims to address, such as the Criminal and Publications laws.

 Participants concluded that a follow up session should be held in the near future with the attendance of the heads of the Legal Committees from the senate and the representatives of the Jordanian Parliament, in addition to the Minister of State for Legal Affairs; to discuss the law since it has been passed to the representatives in the Jordanian Parliament.