The Economic and Social Council Issues Its “State of the Country” Report


The “State of the Country” Report is issued by the Council after a year’s worth of work. Over 700 experts and researchers from various fields and sectors took part in the construction of the report. The report takes on the form of an internal audit aimed at evaluating the government’s strategies and strategic plans; in terms of what has been achieved and implemented and what has not. The report then moves on to providing recommendations on how to move forward. The report is comprehensive in tackling a total of 128 sector-specific and national cross cutting strategies, in 35 papers covering the various economic and social sectors in addition to other topics related to the legislative authorities, the parliament, the judiciary, law enforcement and civic violence, civil society institutions and human rights.

Dr. Mustafa Hamarneh, the President of the Council, explained that this report is the first of its kind and will form the basis for a series of reports that will be produced and issued on an annual basis.