The Economic and Social Council Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Development Program in Jordan


On the 4th of July, the Economic and Social Council signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Development Program in Jordan, UNDP. The memorandum aims to exchange experiences and enhance cooperation in order to achievement of sustainable development goals and national development priorities. The aims will be achieved through conducting dialogue sessions and sectoral analytical studies that are related to achieving the sustainable development in order to ensure its integration and consistency with national policies and the vision of economic modernization 2030.

The President of the Economic and Social Council, Dr. Musa Shteiwi, said that the Council is working on developing, proposing and evaluating policies based on knowledge and evidence to support the national development priorities and sustainable development goals.

Shteiwi pointed out that this agreement, the joint analysis, and policy dialogue that is based on reliable data, will enhance the ability to achieve the priority development goals of the two parties. Shteiwi stressed the importance of this cooperation in enhancing transparency in data and information and finding mechanisms to follow up on the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

Resident Representative of the UNDP Randa Abul-Hassan noted that cooperation with the Economic and Social Council has an important role in supporting and implementing the 2030 Agenda through policy analysis, and supporting evidence-based policy dialogue, indicating that much remains to be done to accelerate progress towards development goals sustainable.

It is noteworthy that the Economic and Social Council is keen to make partnerships through agreements and memoranda of understanding with strategic partners, to contribute to promoting positive dialogue with all parties in society on the most important economic and social issues, policies, and decisions.