Third meeting of the Policy Working Group in Jordan


The Policy Working Group of the regional programme Mainstreaming Employment into Trade and Investment (METI)  concluded its third meeting in Amman, Jordan, on 24 January 2023. Chaired and hosted by the Secretary-General of the Economic and Social Council for Jordan , Dr. Metri Mdanat, it brought together 25 policy makers from relevant government ministries, specialized national agencies, representatives from the social partners, and civil society organisations.

At the beginning of the meeting, the METI team presented the key findings of a detailed analysis of the priorities the working group identified at its last meeting in August 2022 : (i) Apparel, (ii) Engineering, (iii), Food production and (iv) Tourism. The analysis focussed on the nine selection criteria defined by the working group, including export and employment potential, possibilities for upgrading in the value chain and diversification of the export basket, as well as working conditions and environmental considerations.

Following a rich discussion amongst the members of the working group and based on the information provided by the METI team, participants reached consensus on “engineering products and services” for METI’s forthcoming value chain analysis. Before taking a final decision on the actual product categories, the METI team was asked to conduct another analysis on the respective products in order to provide a solid basis for the decision-making process. The members of the working group will reconvene in February/March for its final decision.