Message From the President

The essence of the Economic and Social Council lies in the fact that it is a consulting institution representing the various segments of society. It aims at encouraging positive dialogue and building consensus among stakeholders in society in terms of the most important economic and social issues, policies and decisions. It also aims at evaluating the social impacts of public policies and presenting recommendations to achieve social and economic development through the participation in policy and decision making process. 
Since the establishment of the Council, Jordan has become one of 80 countries around the world in which a council works to build social partnerships and provide its government with public policy recommendations, aiming to make policies fair, comprehensive and responsive to the needs of the citizen, without crowding out other institutions, but in cooperation with them.
The concept of private sector participation, trade unions, employers and civil society institutions with the government has proven to be effective in bridging ideas and opinions, and in building a national consensus on key economic and social objectives.  Also, it broadens the decision-making scope between government and social actors, and helps through dialogue in increasing the  credibility of policies and decisions that affect the interests and lives of different social groups. 
In this context, and on many occasions, dialogue has led to the formulation of a complete and balanced set of social policies, not taking it as secondary to economic issues but rather integrates social justice and human right issues at every stage of public policy-making. This allows serving the aim of placing the individual at the core of the policy making process; integrating the individual’s needs and opinions in the process of development.  
 The ESC has the will to address various issues that fall within the scope of its work with a high degree of responsibility, aiming to increase collaboration with various stakeholders. It aims to add value to the national efforts of dialogue, especially in sensitive circumstances in which many countries are facing the consequences of an unprecedented global economic and political crises. 
The fact that the council represents various parties and social groups leads us to work in the highest degree of openness and transparency, looking forward to disseminate our products to a wide range of people in the country. It is our duty to make our website more engaging and interactive; allowing citizens an opportunity to express their opinions and suggestions with regards to the issues and topics that are addressed by us. We are hoping for greater participation from the public browsing the site, expressing their opinions and engaging in constructive dialogue.